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The old standards of search engine optimization are still as valid as they ever were. On page optimization is still very important and the amount of inbound links to your website is still one of the strongest driving forces in creating a strong online presence for your website. However, there are some new rules that can really help you gain more success on the search engines and boost your standings in the SERP or Search Engine Results Pages. If you are still struggling to get noticed on the top search engines these new SEO methods may be what you are missing.There is nothing complicated, tricky or hard about fixing and applying these methods either, which is good news to any new webmaster or search engine optimizer. You simply have to follow the rules.

Because Google is the largest and this single search engine will drive more traffic to your web sites than all the others combined we are going to focus on this search engine. You can find other information on optimizing for Bing, Yahoo and other search engines elsewhere, but I refuse to “major on the minors” so to speak. I don’t want to waste time getting SEO results so I only assume that others do not want to either. Google has been making some major changes in their search algorithm and these changes are effecting your search standings rather you know it or not. The new Google Caffeine engine is making a few specific and major changes, each is outlined below.

New SEO Methods and Google Caffeine Changes

1. Google now rewards websites that load faster. This is a fact and don’t let anybody tell you different, there has been a public acknowledgment of this fact and Google even offers some tools to help you cut down your web page’s load time on their site. So take the initiative to make your pages load faster today.

2. Fresh Content, now more important than ever. Since Caffeine has been fully rolled out, you may have noticed that pages on established web sites are now getting indexed within seconds of being published. This is true and is not going away. Keeping new updated pages, posts and comments on your website now, boosts you into the top, only momentarily, but still effective in the long run.

3. Social Media means authority. This simply means that Google is now giving a higher value to links that come from social sites that it has in the past. If you don’t have a social profile with a link in it and a way to keep it updated, you are losing traffic it is that simple.

Hopefully you do put the new SEO methods described above into action. You will be sure to see a change rather quickly and since all of these changes are pretty simple to implement for most part, you have no excuse not to. Thank you for taking the time to read and please take a second to comment and rate this article if you enjoyed the information within.

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If seo is your focus and you are interesting learning more about the Google Caffeine search engine changed and the new Google social search [] you can find many useful sources online and at the official Google blog.

Here is another great resource for those looking to build massive amounts of traffic, this in depth traffic building guide is not only free, but offers some invaluable information and resources to boost traffic to any website.

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How to Use SEO in Your Online Business

Do you know how to use SEO in your online business? You can use search engine optimization techniques to get your web pages ranked at the top of the search engine results. If you choose the right keyword phrases to focus on, this will drive a lot of traffic to your website and increase your income.

Do you know how to choose the right keywords for your online business? When you are planning a website with SEO in mind, the first step is to pick keyword phrases that will be fairly easy to rank for. If you are selling something on your website, the keywords you choose must also be related to whatever you are selling. Otherwise, the traffic you attract to your website will not be interested in what you are offering and you will not make any sales.

Do you know how to find keywords for your online business that will be easy to rank for? This is where many webmasters get stuck. They know that they need to use SEO to optimize their web pages, but they don’t realize that some keywords are nearly impossible to rank for no matter how well you implement SEO strategies on the page.

What are the requirements for choosing keywords for your website? The keywords you target on your website should receive enough traffic each month to be worth targeting. However, they should also be phrases that don’t ‘have a lot of competition in the major search engines. It is also a good idea to choose keyword phrases that have an average advertising cost per click of at least $1-2.

Once you have chosen the right keywords and used SEO to optimize your pages, do you know how to build authority to your website? To do this, you need to have many websites linking to your site using the keyword phrases you have chosen to target. You can set up most of these links yourself by posting articles on websites such as Hubpages, Squidoo and EzineArticles that link back to your website. Once you have built enough high-quality backlinks, your website will start appearing on the first page of the search engine results and your online business will take off.

James Dempsey is a top internet marketer who works with industry leaders from around the world. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. To learn more about James Dempsey and his team of Marketing Mentors meet him at: []

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Make Money on the Web With These Advanced SEO Techniques

Online Marketing

There are so many more people every day turning to the internet to learn how to make money on the web. Unemployment rates and financial recessions have led many households to require extra income just to make ends meet each month. If you are starting an online home based business, I have a few SEO tricks that might help.


We all know that knowledge is power and learning how to make money on the web is no exception. While no specialized computer skills are needed to get started, if your business is going to have any chance of succeeding you will need to learn everything you can about SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO Techniques

Keyword Research – One of the first and most important steps is finding the right keywords. Use Google’s keyword tool to generate a list of long tail keyword phrases. Research which keywords are getting traffic and what the competition is like. Only optimize for keywords that are in the sweet spot of having some traffic but not too much competition.

Backlink Building – Another important step is to create as many quality backlinks to your site as possible. Article submissions, guest blog posts, blog comments and forum comments are all great ways of creating backlinks. Only backlink from sites that are relevant to your business niche.

RSS Feeds – Once you have a feed for your site, submit it to the top RSS feed directories. Your feed will automatically be updated from the time of submission so you’ll only have to do it one time.

On-site Optimization – Build your site around the keywords you have chosen. Create quality content around them and be sure to include the keywords in page titles, meta data and alt text for any images used. Remember that web crawlers only read your site’s HTML so review the source code for each page to ensure the keywords are sprinkled throughout.


Search engine optimization can be time consuming and does require an intermediate level of expertise. If you’ve not the time or skills but are trying to make money on the web, there are freelance SEO experts available for hire. Check out sites like Elance or Freelancer to find help.

Anita de Santiago is an Internet Marketer devoted to show you how to start an online business.

She is a member of a new affiliate program and get 100% affiliate commissions and you could have the money deposited directly into your bank account when a sale is made.

Have a look at this Cool Video [] explaining how it all works.

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Characteristics of Good SEO Companies

The past featured a different business ideology where an enterprise could flourish despite the absence of an internet platform. Services or goods were perceived to be competently marketed even in the absence of a web site. At the present, we are now in the age where search engine optimization (SEO) has become the norm, and is considered an axiom when it comes to our business practices. In this domain, fantastic seo experts such as SEO Philippines take all the cake.

This is rooted in the keen recognition by firms like SEO Philippines of the great benefits search engine optimization can give its clients. It is not a hyperbole to say that search engine optimization is the most important part of our online web presence. The mindset in SEO Philippines is to take the client to the top of the most important search engines – or to revise strategies and drive over and over until it is done. The finish line involves more new entrants for your web site, and ultimately, more conversions for you.

The best owners of today will not let go of such amazing opportunities to improve their rankings. To not take recognition of this would be equivalent to giving the competition your customers. This is the cause why a lot of individuals now go to search engine gurus in order to give them their appropriate rankings. Only the proven structures of search engine understanding could take you to the first page of Google. This will assure to you that you will be a step ahead of your competitors in terms of fishing for new visitors from the net.

The most responsible SEO gurus are updated, and only use the best tools in order to assure competitive rankings. There should be constant reporting to clients so that the latter would be appraised if goals are being reached. Those who seek services for rankings should not be left in the dark as to how their rankings are made in the first place. The ideology of content driven campaigns that will lead to search engine rankings boost should be the centerpiece of any rankings war.

SEO Philippines is traditionalist in the sense that its campaign strategies will still involve article submissions, as well as linking. The fulcrum of every campaign is keyword research, and this should be given utmost priority. This is prevalent enough today that any business player can avail of these services regardless of circumstance.

SEO companies should be sensitive to the budget of their clients. The best ingredient in order to assure this is constant communication about the stage of the campaign, and what benefits it has yielded so far for the client at the present. A kinship aspiration with the client is a goal second to none for every caring SEO company.

Eb Medel is the owner of SEO Philippines. He takes you to the top of Google or Yahoo.

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Getting Number 1 WordPress SEO Rank Search Engines

When it comes to WordPress seo rank search engines, your end results are vitally important to the success of your WordPress site. On your own, you may be struggling with the application of getting your WordPress site ranked on Google (this may occur on other search engines as well, but face it, Google is the most widely used search engine method in the world). The bottom line is, if you aren’t getting ranked then people aren’t visiting your site. Enter SEOPressor WordPress plugin. The creator SEOPressor claims that by using their plugin, you will get the rankings you want, guaranteed.

When you visit the SEOPressor website, the first thing that you will notice is that the prices for their two product options are available right at the top of the page. If you have ever visited a sales page, you know that this practice is unusual; most make you dig for the price by scrolling through the entire sales page and then clicking on a link (and you have to give them your email address while you’re at it) to another page.

You will also find that there is a four minute video that shows their product in action. First of all, the video is well done; you don’t have to listen to some actor telling you how you are going to make millions by using this product. Instead, you get to see the product being used on an actual article. The downside is that it moves pretty fast and it is hard to follow. It is clear that the product is helping to increase SEO with an analysis that shows you what you’re missing, but you don’t really get a clear idea of how easy it is to use (it appears easy but the user is clearly experienced).

There are a lot of what appears to be good things about SEOPressor from what you can find on the website. First of all, it makes SEO easy for new and experienced users. In addition, it can do some auto texting for you to ensure that your keywords are bolded, underlined, italicized, etc. as needed in your article. It tells you what you are missing to ensure you optimize your website and takes the guesswork out of the process.

It appears that this product can only be used with WordPress, what’s more, you have to have a self-hosted site, not the free option with WordPress. From what the site says, this can’t be used with other types of websites, so if you don’t use WordPress then it appears that SEOPressor isn’t for you.

A real positive for this SEOPressor website is that it expresses very clearly what SEOPressor can offer you. In addition, there is a comprehensive list of who can benefit from this product, so you won’t make a purchase that won’t benefit you.

Michele Curci is Seopressor Expert – See More On His Website on How To Use SEOpressor Top Plugin of WordPress SEO Rank Search Engine Device That Will Get Traffic To Your Websites.

SEOpressor Search Engines [] Read More on WordPress SEO Plugin []

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